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75 official days of summer vacation kid-ertainment

Does that sound like a lot or too few? There are only a few days left in the school year and already we’ve started the rounds of “Kid-ertainment”. Memorial Day weekend was filled with endless fun for the kids and lots of dollars from mom… This spending (obviously) cannot continue. I still plan on doing a lot…just using fewer dollars.  I’ve decided to photo document our summer activities (Memorial Day to Labor Day) mainly staying in and around Chicagoland. One of the things I thought would be fun for the kids and I to try is to photo document all the parks that we visit. They’re free and seemingly endless. It will be an adventure. Also, I have to time these activities around swim lessons and Aikido that they already have scheduled oh..and work!!!…MY WORK..must not forget that! sorry appears that 4 consecutive days off has rotted my brain….(insert grumbling here) lol.    Feel free to jump in and share ideas! Better yet! Volunteer to come along!jumping off the dock


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The Common Cold=Whining In Stereo

sneezeWhen kids are sick it’s not just them who are suffering. We all like to think that our “special” bond creates an empathy so strong that when they feel pain than we feel it twice as much. We never want them to be sick or in pain…but, in the case of the common cold the empathy only lasts  so long.

I have three boys who have trouble sharing anything other than germs. With that, their generosity knows no bounds! My Ian, I swear, will go out of his way to purposely sneeze or cough on anyone within striking distance (accident to be sure, NOT). Well, as it turns out, this last week was spent with a round robin of children staying home from school leading to the grand finale… all of them home on Friday. Lucky for me, I work all day on Friday and when Grandma called at 7 AM to check on the boys, I gave her the news that she would be needed to head over asap to babysit. That went over well, I think the sharp intake of breath followed by OH NO! ALL OF THEM?…said it all. My children (men in training to a tee) are totally helpless when sick. They can’t hold their own juice even with the requisite bendy straw and when done sipping, can not reach to put it back on the coffee table…You get the picture. Usually the child who feels the best is put into action as the servant of the others. They do this voluntarily. I swear! They pull up covers, change the channel and run little errands all without prompting for me. They know soon enough it will be their turn to be king for a day.They announce their good deeds as well, as if keeping a tally sheet. for example..look at how I’m tucking you in.. (so cute)

The pampering and whining they love…its the medicine they cant stand. I swear it takes several adults working in tandem to try to get a chewable aspirin down their gullets, cough syrup…augh…you would think that I’m offering a dose of hemlock! I’ve tried everything, putting it in cranberry juice, bribing with a name it! Hayden over heard me telling someone on the phone that I was worried about Ian’s fever not breaking. He promptly ran and told Ian to take his medicine fast or his brain would be cooked like an egg…even fear wasn’t an incentive. He just asked me about Heaven as I glared over his prone body at his brother… good grief.

Well, off to the market to spend the rest of the budget on cold friendly foods, lots of fresh fruit,  Ra man noodles, Jello, Popsicles…you get the picture.

Gotta run…I hear a “Momma Hold Me!” in the background! Wish me luck!

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