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First Big Boy Hair Cut

Gavin must have been only 5 or so when I took him to a real barbershop. We waited together patiently as adult male after adult male took his turn in the chair, paid, received their change and left. Finally, it was Gavin’s turn. He sat bravely on the board they placed over the chair arms and never grimaced as they used the buzzer on his head for the first time, covering his little face with tiny hairs only a shower could eliminate. We took our turn at the register, I gave the man a $10. bill and told him to keep the change as a tip. The barber looked down at Gavin, shook his hand and told him he could have a dum-dum sucker for being so good and so brave…Gavin looked at the sucker…He looked at the barber and said very matter of factly… HEY! How come all those other guys got money…and all I get is this sucker!

He’s still real quick with a comeback!


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