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“ies” Can Make All The Difference! Bye Bye Baby Talk!

My Ian though 6, can get me in a world of trouble at times. Remember last week when he told the school nurse I poisoned him? (See post of “What Was I Thinking Well, He did me one better. He is a sweet baby boy and sometimes when trying to get something he will revert to baby talk. I don’t know why I mcdonalds-bangkok-11let him. I never let anyone else get away with it. I generally say, talk like a little man so I can understand you! Well, Ian will sometimes look up with pleading eyes and say “Can I have chippies (chips) please?” or “poppies”, instead of pop. You get the picture right? Today we went to McDonald’s…for breakfast…and he didn’t want a lot. He didn’t want a whole breakfast meal…He looked up at the teenage server folded his hands in a prayerful pose and said…I kid you NOT! “Can I just have some hash brownies please???” “I just love hash brownies!” If anyone in the vicinity had pop in their mouth they would have done the prat spit! Gavin witnessed the whole thing and he will not stop asking Ian if he wants more hash brown”ies”…I swear one day the police will knock on my door! That is the end of baby talk people. I only have big boys from now on. And NOT that big. Not EVER!


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Leap Frog Tag Learning System

My Friend at So Much More Than A Mom (love her blog) is sponsoring a Contest give-a-way for a Leap Frog Tag Learning System. I have had many Leap Frog Products in the past and my kids have enjoyed hours of reading fun. If you have kids or know kids who could benefit from winning one for FREE I encourage you to head to her blog and sign up. It’s easy! While there use the hyper link to visit Leap Frog’s site for coupons, reading calendar and pledge certificates. Good Luck!

Use This Hyper Link to get to So Much More Than A Mom.


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Good Night, Sleep Tight

Turning off the bedroom light and tucking in my little ones I turned first to Hayden and said, “Good Night, Sleep Tight” and he responded with “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!”, Next was Caleb, “Good Night, Sleep Tight” and he responded with “Dream of Bedbugs Tonight” (from Lion King), Last but not least Ian. “Good Night, Sleep Tight” and he pulled the covers all the way up and said. “DON’T Let those Bugs Eat You!”  My eyes opened wide and the brothers started giggling…For that, he got an extra kiss…oh so cute.


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