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OK…Where Is The Button??

There must be some kind of button somewhere on my back or behind….? Every time I sit down someone needs something… How is it my sitting down trigger some needy instinct in my children??? How can this be possible… You would think that at least part of the time everyone could be satisfied…at least for a few minutes.  I came in from work at 5:30 and took of my shoes and coat and reported to my regular station.. the kitchen… For lack of inspiration and lets face it…groceries..I cut up the rest of the turkey leftovers started boiling the egg noodles and made a casserole… and… I thought it was really good..but…alas…the onions were not invisible…aaack!!! Of course no one was hungry when I was done after an hour of chopping and stirring.. until that is that I put everything away..did the dishes and sat down… Then Ian decided  that he was willing to try it… I made a bowl and added a biscuit…and it sat..and sat…on the couch…next to me… Then Hayden wanted to try but…God forbid he eat the one that Ian put a spoon in but didn’t eat!!! I heated up another bowl…and..back to the onion argument…Can he have leftover ham??? Hot…not cold…ooookkkk….So..back to the kitchen…fast forward a few minutes when I am going around the living room picking up dishes and silverware when Caleb decides that he wants a sandwich…which isn’t that unusual…as Caleb ALWAYS wants a sandwich…This has taken us to bath time…one at a time of course…after cleaning the kids then the bathroom…I am so exhausted….I just want to sit and read for a few minutes…  After two pages of ignoring the wresting matches…what do I hear…yep…Moooommmmm!!!! How early can I put them in bed on a non school night???

They say that there is a special place in Heaven for a mother of boys…I know where it will be…the Cafeteria!!!


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Kid’s Are Like A Box of Chocolate

Kid’s are like a box of chocolate….But…just when you think you’ve got it figured out from the packaging they go and switch it up on you. Every morning I wake up to a new adventure. Each child wakes up…drags themselves to the living room…or sometimes they are coerced into the living room and I see who has what personality that day. I swear sometimes it’s like the shell game that grifters pull on the boardwalks….There are generally only a few personalities in the emotion pool, so it’s not as hard as it could be. I sit back and watch the drama unfold…I will have the ANGRY one…who is mad at me for waking them up, for not having the right cereal, at his brother for sitting too close to him on the couch…blah blah blah…There is the SLEEPY one, who no matter what you do…pull covers, wash his face, threaten…will not get out of bed…or when out of bed, will crawl up in an available couch or chair and try to go back to sleep. There is the HELPLESS one…who can not find their own clothes and shoes, can not dress themselves, poor their own juice…(you get the picture)…but worst of all…is that one of these kids…along with the above mentioned trait will have the double duty of being the daily tormentor…He will make sure that he does sit too close…will try to close the door of the car before his brothers get in…he’ll call the front seat before we’ve left the living room..will mimic the other ones… etc, etc… They do this role playing thing in a erratic cycle that has no rhyme or reason to the schedule… The only exception to this rule is Caleb. Before he morphs into one of the above he wakes up as soon as I say his name..He will jump up literally stand up..and loudly say GOOD MORNING MAMMA.!!!!..Every blessed day..without fail…I swear I don’t know how he does it…

I may sound like I’m complaining…but I’m really not.. I just have to make sure that I can stay one step ahead of them…If it is a shell game…Then my goal is to play to win…The quicker I figure out who is who…the quicker I can intervene and make sure everyone gets out the door on time, fed and fully clothed. If the kids were put to bed on time my odds of winning are pretty good. I haven’t lost a child yet. I blame this whole thing on my mother…She cursed me as a child and I’m still feeling the effects to this day…What was the curse you ask??? I’m sure you’ve heard it from your mom too…”I HOPE YOU HAVE A CHILD JUST LIKE YOU!!!!”  Thanks mom! XOXO

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We Are All “Thriller” Wanna Be’s Here

We have just spent the last hour watching Thriller by Michael Jackson along with every Youtube video..well, not every….But a LOT of Youtube videos that show how to do the Thriller dance. My favorite will always be “13 going on 30’s” version because, as my boys like to point out,… I’m such a GIRL!! They have decided that they want to learn the dance and that I must find someone to teach them. They think that by learning this dance “they could be soooo cool and plus you can go to High School Parties”…It’s such a manly dance. Why? Because its got Zombies! Duh!

I think I am going to let them try to learn it. I’ll post videos of a completed dance when I can. I think we can do this for a family reunion talent show that could be coming up. I can’t wait…Who would guess that, like the Zombies they portray, this video will never completely fade away. It transcends generation after generation??? Interesting that as I got older..It wasn’t the zombies I feared…but Michael himself…. eeep

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