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Looking For A Miracle? Try To Create One.

head_of_praying_angel_statue-seth_s_fave-271x194My Hayden is a very special boy…He likes to tell me that he knows this because he gets to go to the “Special Classes” at school. He has a very big heart.  There are times when he gets something stuck in his head and it will worry him to no end.  He has the ability to believe everything you say is the God’s honest truth but if he ever questions you…BEWARE! He will never, ever be wrong.  His stubbornness has no boundaries. Neither does his faith.  My Hayden, along with his two brothers, attend Awana’s,  which seems to me to be a Christian based boy scouts of sorts, on Wednesday evenings when I’m at work. They are “Sparks” and receive badges for preforming tasks found in a workbook. Hayden has taken this on with an intensity that only he can demonstrate.  A few days ago he woke up got up from bed and came to me while I was…,where else, on the computer with a worry. He said that he had to pray for a missionary for a whole week, everyday, without fail and put a check next to the task as he finished it. The problem was..He wasn’t sure what a missionary was, how or what to pray for him and worst of all….He didn’t know a single one!   I told him he was so very lucky because I happened to know a missionary and that he was a good friend of mine. Todd Caplinger, who I went to High School with, along with his family are Missionaries to the Philippines.  I immediately sent Todd a message on Face Book and told him about Hayden’s project and told him to expect a miracle and to let us know when it happens. Hayden also asked Todd to pray for him to and to tell all the people about Jesus. Low and behold Todd was online and a message flew back thanking Hayden for choosing them. Hayden was amazed that the message came from the other side of the world so fast. Todd explained that the Internet makes the world very small. I showed Hayden the pictures Todd has taken in the field and Hayden has started to think of ways to help. Hayden has asked me to ask all of you to help too. The more voices God hears the louder it will be and easier for him to hear. So, now is your chance to help a little boy ask for a miracle for deserving people in the Philippines. Even if its a small one. This is a link to Todd’s site. The photos and stories will move you too.  Let’s create a miracle!


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