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Dollar Store Magic

I try to get my kids little surprises whenever I can. It’s so easy just to pick up some simple little something that you know will make them smile.  I happened into the Dollar Tree (everything sells for one dollar), a virtual treasure trove of odds and ends that you never knew you needed for $1. Nine times out of ten I will leave the store only loaded down with armloads of batteries and that sour spray candy. Well, while wandering the isles (you have to look down everyone) I found some Magic Sets…not just any Magic Sets mind you but 15 in each box for $1.00 Magic Sets! And…as fate would have it…Three different kinds. It was like a light from Heaven. I was excited to bring this home to the boys (along with the candy and batteries for backup in case the magic tanked). I took each boy one by one and tried to figure out tricks with them. The thing is…Directions for all 15 tricks were written on a 6 inch square of paper in a font that was so small I would need a Lilliputian to read for me…I struggled through 3 tricks for Hayden, 2 for Ian and only 1 for Caleb before my patience and eyes gave out on me. Some were really hard…but, the ones they got…they mastered. I made them promise not to reveal the secrets to the others. Caleb even gave a performance at school today with his one trick. So cute! I’m taking them to a Magic Show at the library this weekend. I can’t wait for them to raise their hands high, waving frantically for attention, only to yell I KNOW HOW YOU DID THAT!!!!



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Motivation…NOT. Apparently Diets Are Like Laundry.

I know that thus far my blog has, almost exclusively, been about my kids, and finding joy in the chaos. Well, it’s supposed to be about life. My life, raising all these boys.

I have been talking about losing weight for a while now. I’ve even spoken to a Dr. The thing is…when the Dr. said. “Great, what have you been doing so far?” I responded with….Well, I’m reading this book…. His jaw dropped and he put his head in his hands and laughed..I kid you not. He LAUGHED at me.  He thinks I may have to do a bit more than read it seems, but he said, “At least your motivated.” I even started a group on facebook for those of us attending a HS reunion this summer.. and have yet to follow the advice posted there. I kept looking for something that would rejuvenate my motivation, an Epiphany or something that would magically change the way I think about food and exercise. Maybe I was waiting for the “magic pill”  that would transform me overnight. I’m going to share with you one bit of wisdom from the book I was reading (yes, the Dr. book) by Jennette Fulda called “Half-Assed a weight-loss memoir“. It is in response to someone asking her how she stayed motivated ” I should have just told her to screw motivation. If I waited for motivation to do the dishes. I’d have plates stacked on my counter so high that I couldn’t open the microwave. Which I currently did. I was never motivated to do my dishes. Yet I turned on the faucet and poured out some dish soap anyway. It wasn’t because I wanted  to have fun with bubbles, It was because I had to. I couldn’t bring myself to eat off paper plates. ”

The thing is, I finally realized you just HAVE to do it. Everyday, in every way, just do what you have to do. Like dishes and kids, it has to be part of a routine that becomes second nature. Want to has nothing to do with it. Diets like laundry just have to be done correctly, and constantly.  LIKE IT OR NOT. Not exactly a sign from God…but, close enough.

FYI-Two of my favorite diet memoirs…(I prefer memoirs to diet books because no diet works the same for two people)

  • Half-Assed a weight-loss memoir by Jennete Fulda. First hand account of what she went through with out dishing out advice. Her blog is
  • Such a Pretty Fat” One Narcissist’s Quest To Discover If Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or Why Pie Is Not The Answer by Jenn Lancaster, whose blog is .One of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Tears sprung from my eyes at points I was laughing so hard.

Oh, and by the way…discovered the books before the blogs. LOL

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How Late?

images1With the exception of Caleb, my kids are notoriously late sleepers in the mornings no matter what time they go to bed. Unfortunately, they get this from me.  If I don’t stand over them and watch them get out of bed they will tumble right back to sleep. I do wake them up early enough so that they can get into their routine slowly or the attitudes…of ALL of us, skyrocket into surly. As a rule, they get up, drag themselves to the living room and turn on the Television.  Someone, generally me, will grab all the outfits and they’ll get dressed in there while I grab something for their breakfast, make coffee, etc.

Today, We woke up late…Not too late for school but late enough to get me running around, clapping my hands, (yes, how embarrassing that I’m admitting that?) raising my voice and switching off the TV. Ian, my sleepiest baby, said “Momma, how late are we?” I said “Late, Late” he looked at me then his brothers, pulled up his feet on the couch and said…”Turn the TB back on K-Wub. We’re only 2 lates.”

How many lates do we have to be for them to take me  seriously around here?

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