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We Are All “Thriller” Wanna Be’s Here

We have just spent the last hour watching Thriller by Michael Jackson along with every Youtube video..well, not every….But a LOT of Youtube videos that show how to do the Thriller dance. My favorite will always be “13 going on 30’s” version because, as my boys like to point out,… I’m such a GIRL!! They have decided that they want to learn the dance and that I must find someone to teach them. They think that by learning this dance “they could be soooo cool and plus you can go to High School Parties”…It’s such a manly dance. Why? Because its got Zombies! Duh!

I think I am going to let them try to learn it. I’ll post videos of a completed dance when I can. I think we can do this for a family reunion talent show that could be coming up. I can’t wait…Who would guess that, like the Zombies they portray, this video will never completely fade away. It transcends generation after generation??? Interesting that as I got older..It wasn’t the zombies I feared…but Michael himself…. eeep


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