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So This Is What An “A” Looks Like

Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 006Hayden had one big 3rd Grade Project this year a diorama depicting a state of his choice. He chose Nevada. He wanted Maine because he liked the name. He kept saying.. Main/Maine…Get it…? Get it?? (nope, well, yes…but nope). This came with explicit instructions that it should be a “kids” project not the parents, it had to be the size of a bankers box (ie. the size of the state itself) and had to include a plethora of specific state information that the kids wouldHayden's 3rd grade Diorama 010 need to present to the class. A daunting task for someone who has a terrible time reading.  We went to the library and checked out all the books we could find. (read all the books that were left here) and Momma began to print off all kinds of pics off the Internet. We then headed to Michael’s Craft Store to find anything useful. We found a lot…but for a LOT of money too. We picked up self drying clay, Modge Podge, and colored paper but for the rest…back to the old drawing board. Friends suggestions really helped (tinfoil for silver mining! Genius!) Hayden had very specific ideas and I chimed in only for suggestions on how to implement them. I taught him all about the wonder of Modge Podge and he went at it. He picked out all the usual information and quite a few odd ones like the Extraterrestrial Highway. (yea, he is my son after all). He carried it proudly into class, and was one of the first presenters. He said he remembered “all the stuff.” He was sure his project would be the very best one. He said it wasn’t “the best” but it was one of the very best and that was fine with him. His first words to me when I picked him up. “I GOT AN A! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?”  The look on his face was all I needed.

Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 001Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 002Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 003Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 004Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 005Hayden's 3rd grade Diorama 009


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