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Recipe For Chaos has moved to a new address. It is now For those of you who have me on your blog roll…Thank you..and could you change to to the new info!
I can’t wait to start writing again!


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Bed Check Wha??

My boys sleep like puppies in a pile. I don’t care how many beds I set up or how cool I make them by morning they always end up piled up with each other or around me. I go to sleep really late and will periodically do a bed check to make sure they still have covers etc and this is what I found. Ian asleep NEXT to Caleb’s bed INSIDE a clothes basket. I’d been putting laundry away (didn’t finish) and left the remaining basket with clothes still in it next to the bed to finish later. Ian dragged his own pillow with him but pulled Calebs blanket over to cover them both. Awwww……. How you can be so tired you climb into a hamper and not a bed I don’t know..but it was so cute.

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Are Fries Still A Vegtable?

french friesI always order our fries well done when we go to a fast food restaurant.  Who doesn’t love crunchy fries? I’ve found that when you special order them they are always hot and fresh and not the soggy things they leave under the heat lamp. Ewww We have a rule that each of us has eat at LEAST one fry in the car before we get home and if it doesn’t burn your fingers it’s just not as fun.

Well, ordering them this way leaves them hard and crunchy (little resemblance to the vegetable they once were).  Yesterday while eating fries (in the car) Ian took a bite and looked inside the fry itself with a confused look on his face. He looked at me and said..”Momma, this one has mashed potatos crammed inside it. How did they stuff that in there?”  Oh boy? Did he really not know that they are French Fried Potatos? I forgot for a minute who I was dealing with. Maybe I just need him to cook with me a little more often instead of ordering from a drive thru.  Nah…

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