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Pumpkin Carving part 2…

I promised a picture to follow…Sorry for the poor quality. As explained in an earlier post, my camera was taken down with the application of pumpkin guts. This was taken on a camera phone and downloaded to the comp..It was actually the best one. My camera is still broken…I contacted the support center… After 15 minutes of patented script of thank you for calling..blah blah blah…They responded with…???? Did you try the brand approved batteries???

(I hate support centers.)


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Pumpkin Carving

My mom…generous soul that she is…gifted us three pumpkins for carving…I will have to mention that she “found” them decorating my sisters front porch steps. Did I mention my sister was enjoying a weekend away from home at the time?…  We did get permission…after the fact… as my sister generously gifted them a second time.  My kids are progressing in the carving business…This year they took to cleaning out the seeds like dogs digging in sand..No amount of newspapers laid carefully on the table could have contained the mayhem. Three boys…one bowl…What was I thinking?…Seeds and goo were airborne and I got caught in the crossfire! They absolutely loved it and there was no stopping them from retrieving every last seed. It was during this time I heard a strange gurgling sound…I looked across the table and found my cordless phone covered in pumpkin mess. The same with the camera…soo…more pics to follow…It only took one before it died…

This year we purchased a book of patterns along with the carving kit..of course I told them to pick from four easy patterns…and true to form they all wanted the same one…a skull and crossbones…after much negotiation we agreed on three patterns and got to work.. I am very particular and tend to want to do artistic things well…and face it…two of three of my boys are challenged when it comes to staying on task for more than three minutes at a we had lots of running in and out of the room. Saws no matter how appealing to boys was deemed too hard and they quit early on and I was left to forge on alone. Gavin came in as I was completing the last pumpkin…He asked if I needed help…I sighed and said…YES!  He managed two stokes with the saw before cutting his finger…My arms are camera is broken…there is goo on the walls and in my hair…so…I deem this family together time….an UNMITTIGATED SUCESS!

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