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Darwin’s Theory of Nanny-ing

The boys have been VERY…um…trying…? No…um…difficult… ? No…um….AWFUL!..Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for… lately, both at home and especially at school…I’m beginning to fear the ring of the phone..and now its not just from the bill collectors…It seems the principal and I are on a first name basis….I think he has a “red” phone set up in his office with a direct link to my living room.  Gavin just informed me that he volunteered for guard duty tonight…IE babysitting.. My immediate reaction and reply…LOCK AND LOAD GAVIN!…LOCK AND LOAD…set phasers to stun… Gavin then said…”Tell my wife I love her…I’m goin’ in!”… before he pretended to gear up for an epic zombie assault. I’ll be home by 10…with the Hazmat Team or maybe SWAT if there is a hostage situation…

Darwin’s Theory of Nanny-ing = Only The Strongest Will Survive

UPDATE 11/06/08     Number of calls home from various Teachers and Principal…..4


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After raising and helping to raise countless kids…I was asked by my step daughter Shannon to watch her one and a half year old daughter. Granted I’ve done this for her before..but..the thought of her leaving her  precious daughter with her rough and tumble little brothers can send her over the edge. She called in advance a few times with detailed instructions…a few of which follows…DO NOT let her eat Legos (really?)…         DO NOT let her eat things off the floor…DO NOT let her climb on the step-stool/ladder in the kitchen…       DO NOT let her play in the bathroom or toilet…DO NOT let the boys carry her…  DO NOT let her in the boys room (see Lego scare) and DO feed her at a certain time the food that is in her diaper bag…     DO change her diaper when necessary…DO have her take a nap..but a short one…DO have dinner ready for me when I get there…  Mommy only called three times…a record…and the baby had a great time…Uncles and all..Of course I let her pull off a few legs in the spider pumpkin and carry around the pumpkin lids (she took one home much to the boys horror)  I love my daughter..I know that she’s a first timer…I remember what that was like (granted it was a million years ago…) but goodness…It’s a wonder my kids ever survived…Wait…                     IT IS A WONDER!!!

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Pumpkin Carving part 2…

I promised a picture to follow…Sorry for the poor quality. As explained in an earlier post, my camera was taken down with the application of pumpkin guts. This was taken on a camera phone and downloaded to the comp..It was actually the best one. My camera is still broken…I contacted the support center… After 15 minutes of patented script of thank you for calling..blah blah blah…They responded with…???? Did you try the brand approved batteries???

(I hate support centers.)

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