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Only 363 days til next Christmas!

xmas93Another Christmas Day is  behind us. All the build up and excitement, all of the expense and stress becoming a distant memory. I for one was glad to return to a full day of work and leave my little ones behind for a few hours.

Highlights, this year were plentiful, Shopping wasn’t so bad. With so little money it was easy to make a list of the things that the boys really, really wanted. I asked them if they wanted a few good gifts for themselves or one really good gift for the family and one gift for themselves. There was no question. One thing for the family. (Wii wins) They really are great kids! I thought that plan would go over well until Christmas morning but nope..They were great then too. My family came through and bought the boys some things that they are really having a lot of fun with. This year Gavin woke me up at 9am and said. I’ve been up for hours can we wake the boys up now…(That never happened before~I’m sure it’s because he wanted me to make the coffee.) Only a few things were broken or lost on Christmas Day (inevitable with so many boys stomping around.) The turkey was delicious and plentiful. We spent the day with family stopping by at different intervals and fell asleep exhausted after watching movies together as a family. All in all it was a really great day!

Favorite quotes~Hmmm…

On Christmas Eve instead of my reading stories the boys decided to tell their own. Ian’s generally included a beautiful princess named Paula and always ended with Amen instead of The End…awwww…

Hayden asking if I needed to borrow some money from his Penny Bank to pay some bills if I came up short from buying stuff. (If he only knew)

When I asked Caleb what his favorite part of Christmas was, he responded…Just Wii and You Momma…Just Wii and You!


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