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Mt. Greenwood Park-Chicago, IL

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Mt.Greenwood Park

3724 W. 111th St.
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75 official days of summer vacation kid-ertainment

Does that sound like a lot or too few? There are only a few days left in the school year and already we’ve started the rounds of “Kid-ertainment”. Memorial Day weekend was filled with endless fun for the kids and lots of dollars from mom… This spending (obviously) cannot continue. I still plan on doing a lot…just using fewer dollars.  I’ve decided to photo document our summer activities (Memorial Day to Labor Day) mainly staying in and around Chicagoland. One of the things I thought would be fun for the kids and I to try is to photo document all the parks that we visit. They’re free and seemingly endless. It will be an adventure. Also, I have to time these activities around swim lessons and Aikido that they already have scheduled oh..and work!!!…MY WORK..must not forget that! sorry appears that 4 consecutive days off has rotted my brain….(insert grumbling here) lol.    Feel free to jump in and share ideas! Better yet! Volunteer to come along!jumping off the dock

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