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Sleep??? Do I Sleep???

Even though I have a beautiful Log Cabin-ish bunk bed set for my kids, my children sleep like puppies in a basket. No matter where you start them off for bed they end up together and worse yet…with me. My little ones, though ages 8, 7 and 6, still do not sleep through the night. When I asked the Dr. about this, his stellar response was…”Some kids never sleep through the night”….AUGH! Just getting them to go to sleep requires patience of a Saint and the stamina of an Olympian. My mom…who babysits most nights can attest to this. Generally I will walk in the door and she has fallen asleep in a chair, (book or boy still clutched in her hands) head thrown back and mouth open wide. The boys, still awake are attempting a stealth maneuver to turn on and watch their TV with minimal sound.  I’ve tried everything suggested in the books and added a  few threats and or bribes on top of that. They will always have questions and hugs saved up from the day in an attempt at cuteness that will allow them more time up. The longer they stay awake at night is in equal balance to how hard it is for them to stay awake come morning…I am always anxious for them to go to sleep. This is my time to unwind, read books and watch reality TV. Not only is it hard for them to fall asleep my Hayden is a sleepwalker…When he does fall asleep Gavin (big brother)  and I CAN’T for several hours. We wait in tandem for the inevitable journey to ??? He will attempt to use the bathroom, check the mail, etc..but…mostly I will turn my head and find that he has silently snuck up on where ever I am. He waits…zombie like for instructions…Generally I can say…go back to bed…and he will find the nearest comfy chair or couch and instantaneously fall right back into a deep sleep…But always…always come sun up, I find that my 3 littlest have practiced their combined nocturnal Ninja skills and emptied their beds of blankets and pillows and piled themselves and the mass of covers right next to my bed…When the alarm goes off I can’t get to it until I find a path through the arms and legs maze that is my children…I get up..get them dressed…out the door for school…and wonder if I have time for a nap before starting my day….hmmm…only 15 hours til we do this again….


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