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Are We Raising eKids Or Cyber Kids?

kid-n-computer1My children think outside is a place you have to go to get into the car. We live in an apartment surrounded by asphalt. We spend a lot of the winter months inside. Thus,  my kids want to spend as much time on the computer as I do. It’s hard to keep them off the free game sites that include dozens of enticing pop ups. I especially hate the verbal ones that say something like… you have just won a Wii click on me blah blah blah… How many times do they click without first saying Hey Mom! We just won a Wii? Heck, why don’t they just say Click on me and open the door to all the Trojan Viruses you can handle…and more! I keep the computer in a central location so that generally whomever is watching the boys can keep a close eye on what they’re looking at. There was one instance that Caleb was playing a game of block breaker. In this particular version you break blocks to reveal a photo of a TV character underneath. When I walked by the photo being revealed was Scooby Doo…when Gavin walked by a few minutes later Caleb leaped from the chair and tried to cover the 18 in. screen with his two tiny hands. Gavin eyebrows raised said…”Caleb, what are you looking at? ” Caleb scared out of his mind moved his hands to reveal a Bay Watch Babe..Thank God she was wearing a swim suit..but, he has yet to live it down. I know that blocking a million sites will not keep them away so I’ve been trying to guide them to sites that I like and they can actually learn something in the bargain or in the very least play safely in a child friendly atmosphere.  Shhhh Don’t tell them! One of these sites comes from YES my library web-site its called

TumbleBooks – eBooks for eKids. I asked our Children’s Librarian if I can post it and she said yes…YEA. This site has books that can be read aloud to your child, games, language tools and more. Try it out!

Kid Sites.Com for games and books This is a lot of links to kid friendly sites like Cartoon Network


My kids limited spelling and “know how” of the use of the Google search bar will never completely free me from the other sites, giving them an alternative on the tool bar is at least deterring the bad ones. What are your kid friendly sites?


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Face Book and Biblio Crush Commercial

facebook_blogStudies show that happy parents make better parents… Happy parents find a way to keep friends.  I don’t know about you but once I’m in the door and in mommy mode… I forget that I’m a whole other person that has friends and a semi life.

Do you need a quick virtual escape? Do the kids fight and make a lot of noise while your trying to talk on the phone? Don’t have a babysitter to get out with your friends? Find E-Mail to long and stressful? Well, try Face Book. I love Face Book. I really didn’t think that I would. I had to sign up when I went back to college  so we could contact other classmates re: assignments. I found that there were people there I already knew and plenty more I was going to make join. I am now in contact with classmates from High School and college that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. We now get together once a month or so to hang out. It’s like we never left each other sometimes.  Even if you don’t have time to actually communicate on line you can see what you’re friends are doing from their status updates and see the pics of their families they’ve posted. I’ve even connected with far flung family members. I’ve also met some pretty amazing people on line.                              My blog is available on FB as well as a terrific book site called Biblio Crush (a book discussion site) that I have the pleasure of being a Co-Admin of.  If you haven’t joined or are on the fence. Try it out. It may change your life. You never know when virtual chats could turn into face to face ones.

The link to join FB                                                      

The link to my blog see lower right of this screen or

Biblio Crush                                                                        

I’ll be waiting for you!

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Looking For A Miracle? Try To Create One.

head_of_praying_angel_statue-seth_s_fave-271x194My Hayden is a very special boy…He likes to tell me that he knows this because he gets to go to the “Special Classes” at school. He has a very big heart.  There are times when he gets something stuck in his head and it will worry him to no end.  He has the ability to believe everything you say is the God’s honest truth but if he ever questions you…BEWARE! He will never, ever be wrong.  His stubbornness has no boundaries. Neither does his faith.  My Hayden, along with his two brothers, attend Awana’s,  which seems to me to be a Christian based boy scouts of sorts, on Wednesday evenings when I’m at work. They are “Sparks” and receive badges for preforming tasks found in a workbook. Hayden has taken this on with an intensity that only he can demonstrate.  A few days ago he woke up got up from bed and came to me while I was…,where else, on the computer with a worry. He said that he had to pray for a missionary for a whole week, everyday, without fail and put a check next to the task as he finished it. The problem was..He wasn’t sure what a missionary was, how or what to pray for him and worst of all….He didn’t know a single one!   I told him he was so very lucky because I happened to know a missionary and that he was a good friend of mine. Todd Caplinger, who I went to High School with, along with his family are Missionaries to the Philippines.  I immediately sent Todd a message on Face Book and told him about Hayden’s project and told him to expect a miracle and to let us know when it happens. Hayden also asked Todd to pray for him to and to tell all the people about Jesus. Low and behold Todd was online and a message flew back thanking Hayden for choosing them. Hayden was amazed that the message came from the other side of the world so fast. Todd explained that the Internet makes the world very small. I showed Hayden the pictures Todd has taken in the field and Hayden has started to think of ways to help. Hayden has asked me to ask all of you to help too. The more voices God hears the louder it will be and easier for him to hear. So, now is your chance to help a little boy ask for a miracle for deserving people in the Philippines. Even if its a small one. This is a link to Todd’s site. The photos and stories will move you too.  Let’s create a miracle!

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