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“It’s All Fun And Games Til Someone Loses An Eye”

I wonder if whomever came up with that phrase knew how prophetic they were or how quickly that phrase would become part of our culture. I must say truer words were never spoken. I take my 3 little kids with me almost everywhere I go. (Not by choice.) When they are exceptionally good they will often times get a reward. (I can afford this because face it they are NEVER, hardly EVER, only sometimes good) Well, I had them at the Walgreen’s Pharmacy the other day and decided to wait for a prescription. Wandering the isles..Heading straight for the toy isle the kids started picking up toys that cost $10.00 or more. Well, no one is that good! I told them to pare it down a bit. Once again I lost my mommy mind while trying to be economical and let two of them get cap guns with extra bullets (of course) and one of them a pair of metal hand cuffs, pronounced in this house as hand-cups (how cute is that?). I told them to wait til we got home to open them. It took roughly 20 seconds in the car before I heard the first shot and it was LOUD! in about 15 more seconds it sounded like the civil war and smelled a bit like it too with the sulfur/smoke smell filling the car and assaulting my eyes.  I’m not one to pull over so I start yelling to pass them up. Yea, that went over well. It was just about then I was shot in the ear. (did you know that there are tiny rock like pellets that shoot sometimes?) I finally got them passed to the front and locked in the glove box when I hear a familiar wail…Caleb is bleeding! It seems the hand-cups were being swung in a circle and they bopped him right between the eyes….Lord, take me now!

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Dollar Store Magic

I try to get my kids little surprises whenever I can. It’s so easy just to pick up some simple little something that you know will make them smile.  I happened into the Dollar Tree (everything sells for one dollar), a virtual treasure trove of odds and ends that you never knew you needed for $1. Nine times out of ten I will leave the store only loaded down with armloads of batteries and that sour spray candy. Well, while wandering the isles (you have to look down everyone) I found some Magic Sets…not just any Magic Sets mind you but 15 in each box for $1.00 Magic Sets! And…as fate would have it…Three different kinds. It was like a light from Heaven. I was excited to bring this home to the boys (along with the candy and batteries for backup in case the magic tanked). I took each boy one by one and tried to figure out tricks with them. The thing is…Directions for all 15 tricks were written on a 6 inch square of paper in a font that was so small I would need a Lilliputian to read for me…I struggled through 3 tricks for Hayden, 2 for Ian and only 1 for Caleb before my patience and eyes gave out on me. Some were really hard…but, the ones they got…they mastered. I made them promise not to reveal the secrets to the others. Caleb even gave a performance at school today with his one trick. So cute! I’m taking them to a Magic Show at the library this weekend. I can’t wait for them to raise their hands high, waving frantically for attention, only to yell I KNOW HOW YOU DID THAT!!!!


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Wii and Jesus = Mii Jesus

pc110362The family gift this year was a Wii system. The boys had been asking for one for a long time and Wii we as a family decided to forgo a bunch of individual gifts for a Wii for us all. Today, while I was at work, minding my own business, my oldest son decided since we got a Wii on Jesus’ birthday that he should be represented as a Mii character. (I think this is the only explanation he thought he could get away with.)  Mii Jesus does look a lot like the standard Jesus depiction with the addition of some dark shades. Well, it seems all the boys want to be this character now! Gavin says no one else can box with Jesus because he wants to train him to kick some…uh huh…There was a point when Jesus was on the mat on his back and Gavin was trying to “resurrect” him.  When Jesus knocks an opponent to the mat Gavin lifts Jesus’ arms straight into the air in a Raising Lazarus Pose, and says ARISE!  Everyone has chosen to train Jesus in one specific sport…Right now he’s playing baseball on Hayden’s team but keeps striking out, Caleb has made him a pro at bowling and Ian has chosen golf. Should I be concerned? Is this sacrilegious? The little ones comments seem to be positive, like their really helping Jesus out… I don’t think that this will seep into anything to worry about, maybe… Oh good grief.. I just can’t leave them alone! oh boy, I can’t wait for Grandma to take them to church again.

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