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McDonald’s Playland/Playplace Park-Bridgeview, IL

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McDonald’s Playland/Playplace Park

8611 S. Harlem Ave
Bridgeview IL


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“ies” Can Make All The Difference! Bye Bye Baby Talk!

My Ian though 6, can get me in a world of trouble at times. Remember last week when he told the school nurse I poisoned him? (See post of “What Was I Thinking Well, He did me one better. He is a sweet baby boy and sometimes when trying to get something he will revert to baby talk. I don’t know why I mcdonalds-bangkok-11let him. I never let anyone else get away with it. I generally say, talk like a little man so I can understand you! Well, Ian will sometimes look up with pleading eyes and say “Can I have chippies (chips) please?” or “poppies”, instead of pop. You get the picture right? Today we went to McDonald’s…for breakfast…and he didn’t want a lot. He didn’t want a whole breakfast meal…He looked up at the teenage server folded his hands in a prayerful pose and said…I kid you NOT! “Can I just have some hash brownies please???” “I just love hash brownies!” If anyone in the vicinity had pop in their mouth they would have done the prat spit! Gavin witnessed the whole thing and he will not stop asking Ian if he wants more hash brown”ies”…I swear one day the police will knock on my door! That is the end of baby talk people. I only have big boys from now on. And NOT that big. Not EVER!

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It Takes A Village??? or at least a team…

I told the little kids that I would let them bring a friend to the McDonald’s play-land with us on Tuesday, my day off. Since your getting to know my kids a bit through these postings you know that you don’t attempt to take them anywhere by yourself! Bad things will happen. I looked at Gavin and said…”I’d like you to go…” I’m sure he thought we were going to eat and leave…and I didn’t clarify…on purpose… (my ulterior motive…to get them to tire themselves out) He readily agreed and we were on our way… I discovered some truths while we were there…In a few short hours, I discovered how much Gavin had authority and respect from my kids and how different our roles were… Though he is the big brother (there is a 12 year age difference) he has taken on a lot of babysitting duties along with my mom.. (unpaid I might add) He knows that I wouldn’t be able to work without his help and most times he will volunteer non grudgingly… What I noticed from my kids that day is…If Gavin said NO..they took it as a definite no with no further discussions…He stuck to his guns…He wasn’t mean…just firm…If they wanted someone to waiver…they’d came to me…for the second and third..etc chances…For more time…for the friend to come to our house even though I only said McDonald’s… Gavin more than once looked at me with raised eyebrows saying..Don’t do it…Don’t give in… I sometimes..(most times) feel guilty for working nights 3 times a week, all day on Friday and Weekends in rotation…It has to be done… I think that if I’m the nice one that they’ll love me … despite the working…but you know what..??? They love me no matter what…They love Gavin too…They would willingly watch him play a video game for hours if he would allow them to. If he has friends in his room…They’re main goal is to find a way in and just sit quietly on the floor..( well, as quietly as they can) I’m grateful that Gavin turned out so well, Though he claims that after “raising” his brothers he will never have children of his own…I know that he will make a great dad…No dirty diaper cringe… He’s cleaned up plenty of sick child….ummmm mess… And… he’s even giving me parenting tips… Who knew?

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