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Bed Check Wha??

My boys sleep like puppies in a pile. I don’t care how many beds I set up or how cool I make them by morning they always end up piled up with each other or around me. I go to sleep really late and will periodically do a bed check to make sure they still have covers etc and this is what I found. Ian asleep NEXT to Caleb’s bed INSIDE a clothes basket. I’d been putting laundry away (didn’t finish) and left the remaining basket with clothes still in it next to the bed to finish later. Ian dragged his own pillow with him but pulled Calebs blanket over to cover them both. Awwww……. How you can be so tired you climb into a hamper and not a bed I don’t know..but it was so cute.

random ian 006


June 25, 2009 - Posted by | General Mayhem


  1. Aww! Too cute!

    Comment by Les | June 25, 2009

  2. LOL – hilarious AND adorable! 🙂

    Comment by Cyndi | June 26, 2009

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