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Looking For Something To Do With Your Kids? Maybe There’s A Circus At Your Library

pc120364I can’t speak for anyone else but I always look for inexpensive entertainment for my kids. It was easy with one, but now with the three little ones… Yikes! If I build up the mental stamina I need to take them someplace by myself there is little left of the physical stamina required to entertain them when we get there. This is one reason why I love my library. They always have activities planned all throughout the month for a wide variety of age groups, and best of all they are almost always, without fail FREE! Today the Palos Heights Public Library hosted the Pocket Circus “the smallest circus in the world”  ( ). I only brought my two youngest as my two oldest decided they’d rather sit at home, stay in their pajama pants and Wii…(It was a bonding moment.) The Pocket Circus was a combination of magic, balloon art, clowns and juggling all done by a couple hailing from Argentina.  My kids were enthralled for a full hour. If you know my kids…this is a feat! There was no wandering around, no whining, no asking when it would be over. It was wonderful. One of the benefits of a library show are smaller audiences so your kids have a real chance to sit up close and be picked to participate.  It was so nice to get the kids out of the house after being trapped inside too long in this freezing Chicago weather. After the show we picked up some tacos and a video game. We’re set…for a few more hours at least. So, if you are looking for something to do, Give your local library a chance to save the day…and your sanity.



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