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Toys For Hope

Some Palos Heights Public Library staff members have organized an Easter Toy Drive for the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation benefiting boys and girls ages birth to 18 who are dealing with cancer treatment. New toys (no stuffed animals please) can be dropped off in the special bin inside the library. Gift cards are recommended for teens. Suggestions for gift cards include fast food restaurants, video rental stores, record stores, and electronics stores. For more information and location call the library at 448-1473.

My boys were excited to be a part of the giving. My son Hayden has been the recipient of toys from The Treasure Chest and he was happy to tell his brothers how much it meant to him when he was sick. I took them to the store to choose two items each to donate. Though I tried to steer them to gender neutral toys they had a hard time choosing for girls. In the end the decision was theirs. One boy toy and one girl CD from each. Hayden recently had a birthday and donated a gift card that he received in addition to this. I was so proud of them. We were honored to be in a photo showing their donation in a Fox News Shout Out. The boys woke up early and called me at work to let me know they had been on the whole screen on TV.  Fox News Shout Out generously sharing the cause with Chicago-land dramatically increased donations on that day. There is so much more that we as a community can give. These toys will be placed locally at Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn. Please consider a donation and please give generously.



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Divided We Stand! United We Fall Flat On Our….umm… Faces!

I receive my weekend schedule months ahead of time..We are given advance opportunity to ask for specific weekends off..A huge benefit…only…sometimes activities in the community are scheduled merely weeks in advance and the schedule conflicts…Today was one such day. I was working during the town of Palos Heights Fall Festival. My mom…(reluctantly) volunteered to bring the little ones to my work where they would see “Circus Boy”, join in a sidewalk coloring contest then on to various other venues in the neighborhood. My sister..(see previous anniversary post) had Ian over the night before and things went so well that she had him stay well into the afternoon. The kids were great!…

One or two together is…amazing…wonderful…moments you say…yes!…this is what I thought it would be like to be a mom…But….add a third child to the mix..and it can be in ANY combination…and it’s complete and utter CHAOS!  Is there some potent boy chemical emitted? When three boys are together…does it become too strong and activate a dormant wrestling and or fighting gene that takes over and turns my sweet babies into rabid luchadores? The noise level becomes deafening when all are trying to be heard at the same time…and…I won’t even get into MY noise level at this point. This chemical is especially potent when my boys are in an enclosed a car…or my living room…I also find that sometimes this same theory works when my boys are with adults…             One adult = good…more then one…= crazed gymnasts.

This evening my kids were good enough for me to brave having a friend over for coffee…well, the ding of the door bell was akin to a bell in a prize fighting ring..At times I feel I should redecorate, instead of wainscoting, I need to install ropes and tresses and make it official….Thank God Dawn’s been my friend for years and tries to ignore the bedlam with me… least avert her gaze during the more blatant ruckuses…She’s gone now.. and…of course..the boys are playing quietly in their room before bedtime….I can actually hear the low hum of the computer…..AUUUGGGHHH..????

Maybe…well, probably…it’s me….Why is it that when kids are behaving…we are silent, stoic and complacent..or at the very least non-generous about offering praise and when they are less than good…let’s face it BAD… we are animated, loud and attentive?

I’m gonna end here…I have to tell the creatures I call sons that they are being good and smother them with kisses…I’ll let you know if this tactic works…            If not…ding! ding!…round two!

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