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We Rocked at Climb On!

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Climb-On Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

18120 Harwood Avenue Homewood IL

We were invited to go rock climbing and bouldering with a neighbor whose kids have tried it several times. I was a little nervous about the dangers but anxious for the boys to experience new things. I asked them if they wanted to go and like puppies when you say..”wanna go for a ride boys” they were on board. They had no idea what to expect and except for the testimonial of my friend and a web site neither did I. We went on a Sunday and the staff was minimal (one) but we brought our own belay (person schooled in holding the rope..and your life in their hands) and we were set. For $10 you can stay as long as you want and they will dress you in your rigging. For an additional $7 you can have one of their staff members give you a mini lesson while they belay and coach you to the top of the wall 2X’s. Bouldering (free climbing) is always an option but you can’t climb over 10ft in the air.

Two of the boys took off like a rocket. Hayden (9) and Ian (6) will be a force to be reckoned with. Caleb though really afraid of heights gave it a go and peaked about half way up. I think that made him the bravest of the three. (Caleb spent most of his time there doing martial arts flips and rolls on the extremely cushiony floor.) I was fortunate my friend Dawn’s kids provided great examples of how to boulder and climb and her oldest (the greatest babysitter in the world) was the belay, sacrificing her climbing time to help with 5 ambitious kids. I’m sure the boys would love to do this again. It was a great confidence builder. The location was small enough so that you can watch everyone at once and and TALL enough to be a bit awe inspiring. They have a couch right in the center where we held the water and cheered them on. The only other expense we had was the $2.50 Gator Aid. (gee mom…water? What was I thinking?) You should go! You may just love it!

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“It’s All Fun And Games Til Someone Loses An Eye”

I wonder if whomever came up with that phrase knew how prophetic they were or how quickly that phrase would become part of our culture. I must say truer words were never spoken. I take my 3 little kids with me almost everywhere I go. (Not by choice.) When they are exceptionally good they will often times get a reward. (I can afford this because face it they are NEVER, hardly EVER, only sometimes good) Well, I had them at the Walgreen’s Pharmacy the other day and decided to wait for a prescription. Wandering the isles..Heading straight for the toy isle the kids started picking up toys that cost $10.00 or more. Well, no one is that good! I told them to pare it down a bit. Once again I lost my mommy mind while trying to be economical and let two of them get cap guns with extra bullets (of course) and one of them a pair of metal hand cuffs, pronounced in this house as hand-cups (how cute is that?). I told them to wait til we got home to open them. It took roughly 20 seconds in the car before I heard the first shot and it was LOUD! in about 15 more seconds it sounded like the civil war and smelled a bit like it too with the sulfur/smoke smell filling the car and assaulting my eyes.  I’m not one to pull over so I start yelling to pass them up. Yea, that went over well. It was just about then I was shot in the ear. (did you know that there are tiny rock like pellets that shoot sometimes?) I finally got them passed to the front and locked in the glove box when I hear a familiar wail…Caleb is bleeding! It seems the hand-cups were being swung in a circle and they bopped him right between the eyes….Lord, take me now!

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Mt. Greenwood Park-Chicago, IL

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Mt.Greenwood Park

3724 W. 111th St.
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