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New Years Resolutions

I know this is a bit early but a co-worker was looking for copy for the next Employee Newsletter and asked us each to submit a resolution. Do you set a New Years Resolution? I normally don’t. Not because I’m perfect (hardly) but because it’s too much work to try to change one more thing. When I do set a resolution I give it an honest try. I gave it some thought and came up with a few sarcastic glib responses. What I settled on is reading to my children on a more consistent basis. Each of my work weeks include three nights. On the other days..I’m darn tired when bedtime rolls around. If the little ones are awake when I get home I will sit in their room and read a book or two before sitting sentinel and reading my own (I read constantly-just adult books and umm not aloud).  I do however consistently bring home an endless supply of childrens material from the library.  I’ve started chapter books and found that they want me to complete the entire thing in one sitting. My kids are smart enough to have figured out they will  forget the plot by the time I get back around to finishing. Well tonight, bedtime found me both off work and with an armload of age appropriate books to read. My sister was just leaving (she dropped of Cinnabon -that we shared- and Christmas decorations…XOXO LUCY!). I told the boys to get in bed and I’d be there in a minute. I turned to her and said- don’t you just hate when you open a kids book and think ” OH MY GOD! THERE ARE SO MANY WORDS !!! (her response-after giggling- “sounds like a blog.”) I swear I’m a Great Good…

btw. I read every single one of them!

We listen to Audio books all the time in the car…Maybe Santa will bring a CD player for the bedroom this year…hmmmm



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Christmas Cheer…??? More Like Christmas AAAACK!!!


OK. How is it Christmas creeps up on us so fast every year???  I swear, as soon as the pressure for getting the kids geared up for school passes, Christmas rears it’s ugly head… I don’t want to have this attitude but…Here it is…I’ve been thinking about the whole..Telling the kids about Santa thing… I don’t want them to have unrealistic ideas about what he will be able to put under the tree (which I don’t have yet btw) this year… But, alas, it seems…Santa is my best behavior threat right now and I’m leery about loosing that edge… That, coupled with the fact that my kids can never keep a secret. I can see it facing down the wrath of 300 parents on the playground after my kids broadcast their new found facts to their classmates…(shiver) OK, OK…Santa lives another year!!! I’ve gotten catalogues in the mail and from the stores… 3 copies of each of them…(can’t share), and asked each child to put their name on ONLY the items that are MOST important to them… Can you see where this is going???? YEP, I’d be more likely to run out of ink with all the name writing…. But at least I’m seeing themes developing.. Ian wants Lego’s and and MP3 (which he calls a music listening thing with things that go in your ears..) too cute. Hayden wants family board games and pro-wrestling stuff, and Caleb wants exercise equipment and spy gear… I think I can do this..I think that I can make them happy.. The big kids…well, I’m sure they just want cash or gift cards..

OK…deep breath…plan in place…figure out which bills HAVE to be paid and who’s phone calls I need to evade and I’m set… Wish me luck!

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Who Is He Again?

For those of you who only hear stories about my youngest three…There are plenty of stories about my oldest ones too… Gavin lived in Halloween costumes… He absolutely LOVED them… No matter what the time of year! If he loved them…Then I loved them. If he wanted to wear them out in public in December..He did.. I have a picture around somewhere with Gavin sitting on Santa’s knee in full Sonic the Hedgehog gear including the big pink belly and the mile high blue Mohawk. It was adorable. He wore a Batman cape to Pre-School for an entire year. He may still be wearing it if it hadn’t worn so thin in places and the seam tore at the bottom. It has now been relegated to my grandmother’s keepsake drawer..I don’t know which of us wanted to keep it more. His love for characters “as seen on TV and movies” did not stop with the costumes… He became the characters and adopted a new name every morning… He is very intelligent and was able to sustain the play acting very easily. He would, when in character, not answer to any other name…especially his own. I remember one day in particular. I received a call at work. I was pulled from a meeting to answer one very frantic call from his Pre-K teacher…Who is he today? I can’t remember because today was a hard one! He won’t answer or participate, or even turn his head when we call him Gavin…He’s sitting stoically at his table hands folded…and waiting….We’ve tried Batman, Superman, Sonic…. The answer…Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez…The full name only… (It is the name of a character from the movie “Sandlot”…)  Caleb is also a fan of costumes but hasn’t wanted to wear them out in public…(as often)  Any wonder why I have grey hair people???

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