Recipe For Chaos

Real Stories From The Chaotic Front

This Is Our Story

How do you descibe yourself without sounding like a resume….I’m a single Mother with 4 boys at home. Two of which have special needs. I have a few Step-Children I also claim as my own. (If you can’t love the Father you can still love the children). I want to share our stories, the heartbreak, the awe, the total bewilderment, and the hair raising terror of being single mom.

 I work as at public library so I can be close to the only thing that keeps me sane at times..books. I’m an avid reader and will have no problem telling..I mean “sharing” with you books that I think you should read…

This is our story…old and new…In no particular order…From the cuteness to the insanity as we live it. If you’re stories are similar…Then you know you are not alone.

I’m going to try to look for the blessings in this life…even if it takes all day.

For those of you who know me, to those of you who I hope to get to know…  Welcome



  1. This is a great idea – any mom is an amazing woman and a single mom – well, a single mom is beyond description – wonder woman comes to mind…seriously!

    Comment by Becky | October 14, 2008

  2. So happy I found you….or you found me….or whatever! 🙂

    Comment by somuchmorethanamom | December 13, 2008

  3. […] Recipe For Chaos started her own little slice of Paradise by creating a book discussion group on Facebook! Biblio Crush […]

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  4. Just love reading your stories and sharing them with my co-workers. Keep up the fun. Kathy

    Comment by kparkhurst | April 30, 2009

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