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memorial day weekend 095Many of you know by now that Ian has special needs. He is in a special needs classroom for most of the day at school only going into his brothers classroom (also first grade) for a few hours each day. Well, the last field trip of the year was planned and I was told that I was requested (insert required here) to come along. In the past Ian has been paired alone or in a very small group with a teacher but that didn’t work out so well. Ian thinks the world should accommodate him, not the other way around. I was told the teacher almost lost him at the Brookfield Zoo several times and came home feeling a nervous breakdown coming on. Ian doesn’t ask permission to walk away. He just goes because, with Ian, every decision is a power struggle to see who can outlast whom. (Ian usually wins) Ian is so strong willed in fact that not only was I required to come along but I needed to drive my own vehicle in case he became a behavior problem on the bus. Since it was a first grade field trip Caleb was also going. For this reason my mother was also “volunteered”.  We went to the Exploration Station-A Children’s Museum in Bourbonnais, IL. We have actually visited here before as a family and we had made the suggestion for this field trip. Ian and a friend got double teamed by his Teacher and myself.  (We split up when I went Ian chasing) We had a great time, I only lost him a few times, and only for a minute at a time…(I blame it on the identical shirts they had to wear. A sea of tiny teal shirts…yikes) If you get a chance to go here, do it while your kids are small. There is a farm with animals you can feed, a park and all of the indoor exhibits including a GIANT castle with dungeons and turrets, stores, a mock ice cream shop, costumes,  the inside of an airplane complete with seats. So much I can’t begin to name. (Well, obviously I’ve begun to name, but you know what I mean) We had a great time. It’s very affordable and you can stay as long as you’d like. We were able to visit all of the exhibits with time to spare for the park, Ian wasn’t awful terrible half-bad. He could have ridden home on the bus…but hey, I wanted the company.

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