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“It’s All Fun And Games Til Someone Loses An Eye”

I wonder if whomever came up with that phrase knew how prophetic they were or how quickly that phrase would become part of our culture. I must say truer words were never spoken. I take my 3 little kids with me almost everywhere I go. (Not by choice.) When they are exceptionally good they will often times get a reward. (I can afford this because face it they are NEVER, hardly EVER, only sometimes good) Well, I had them at the Walgreen’s Pharmacy the other day and decided to wait for a prescription. Wandering the isles..Heading straight for the toy isle the kids started picking up toys that cost $10.00 or more. Well, no one is that good! I told them to pare it down a bit. Once again I lost my mommy mind while trying to be economical and let two of them get cap guns with extra bullets (of course) and one of them a pair of metal hand cuffs, pronounced in this house as hand-cups (how cute is that?). I told them to wait til we got home to open them. It took roughly 20 seconds in the car before I heard the first shot and it was LOUD! in about 15 more seconds it sounded like the civil war and smelled a bit like it too with the sulfur/smoke smell filling the car and assaulting my eyes.  I’m not one to pull over so I start yelling to pass them up. Yea, that went over well. It was just about then I was shot in the ear. (did you know that there are tiny rock like pellets that shoot sometimes?) I finally got them passed to the front and locked in the glove box when I hear a familiar wail…Caleb is bleeding! It seems the hand-cups were being swung in a circle and they bopped him right between the eyes….Lord, take me now!

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Toys For Hope

Some Palos Heights Public Library staff members have organized an Easter Toy Drive for the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation benefiting boys and girls ages birth to 18 who are dealing with cancer treatment. New toys (no stuffed animals please) can be dropped off in the special bin inside the library. Gift cards are recommended for teens. Suggestions for gift cards include fast food restaurants, video rental stores, record stores, and electronics stores. For more information and location call the library at 448-1473.

My boys were excited to be a part of the giving. My son Hayden has been the recipient of toys from The Treasure Chest and he was happy to tell his brothers how much it meant to him when he was sick. I took them to the store to choose two items each to donate. Though I tried to steer them to gender neutral toys they had a hard time choosing for girls. In the end the decision was theirs. One boy toy and one girl CD from each. Hayden recently had a birthday and donated a gift card that he received in addition to this. I was so proud of them. We were honored to be in a photo showing their donation in a Fox News Shout Out. The boys woke up early and called me at work to let me know they had been on the whole screen on TV.  Fox News Shout Out generously sharing the cause with Chicago-land dramatically increased donations on that day. There is so much more that we as a community can give. These toys will be placed locally at Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn. Please consider a donation and please give generously.


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Christmas Proclimations

stockingsMy step son Robert had never had an artificial Christmas tree until we moved in. When his sister Shannon was taking the  (oh at least a dozen) pieces out of the box  Robert exclaimed “Oh No! It’s broken.”

Gavin (while wearing a full Sonic the Hedgehog costume) on Santa’s knee, loudly proclaimed to all the other Wal-Mart shoppers.. You’re a fake! I can see your zippers!

Hayden, while helping to decorate the tree, was looking for the new packet of ornament hooks and asked “Where are all the hookers?  “Why can’t I find a hooker?” Why is it you can never find a Christmas Hooker when you need one?”  I couldn’t resist replying with…”Your dad always asked the same thing honey”. thus inducing my mother to have a coughing fit…(He thankfully may never understand that part.)

Gavin after unwrapping gifts stood on his brand new Sega Saturn game. I said “Don’t stand on that! It was expensive!” His response So, you didn’t buy it! Santa did!” The next year Santa only brought him a round disc sled. Momma gave all the other gifts.

When asking Gavin what good little boys get for Christmas- TOYS! Then what do bad little boys get?- Clothes!

Caleb scolding Ian about being naughty and threatening only coal in his stocking…”Shut up Caleb, You know how much I love coal!”

When coming home after a long day at work and hearing, “Look mom, we fixed the tree!” (all the ornaments were hung in one huge lump in the center of the tree.)

Over heard while doing the dishes. TIMBER! followed immediately by RUN!!!!

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