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The Groaning Sound You Heard… Was My Computer Crashing…

Thanks to those of you readers who noticed I was not posting on a regular basis lately. If you look at my Nov. 11 Things I Overheard…post you will see….

While trying to get multiple viruses off of the computer….Quizzing everyone about buttons they may have pushed while on various game sites….”Don’t tell her!” “Please, don’t tell her!”

Well, apparently my computer was invaded by Trojans the likes whom have not been seen since ancient times. My son Gavin and his friend Steve both technopaths, fought the good fight. Facing down the Virus’ like the 300 for Geeks! I lost a week on the computer…a slow death btw…and everything on my hard drive minus photos and a resume…(what else do I need right?) but I am now back on line and writing to my hearts content….Yea! Thanks again for missing me…I missed you too.


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