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vocabDo your children influence your vocabulary more often than you do theirs? (I’m not talking about the swear words either! Oh No, because we all know they didn’t learn that from us…) How many words do we use incorrectly or intentionally mispronounce because it’s just so darn cute the way our kids have said it. Today I decided to give you a short list of words from my personal “CHILDREN’S DICTIONARY”, both past and present along with its corresponding definition. These words have been collected from the extended family as well and we have kept them and made them our own. We generally don’t even attempt the real ones anymore, not even in public.

  • Be Na To En Cha Waa = Be nice to each other
  • Going to Erin’s = When you have to go a lot of places with mom like the bank, library, store etc. better known as “going on errands”.
  • Kay Wub = Caleb
  • You Nork = New York
  • E.I. = Ian
  • Bab-In = Gavin (we even practice…guh, guh, guh, BAVIN!)
  • En ger re Drinks = energy drinks
  • ILoveYouBye = I love you goodbye said as fast as you possibly can usually at the end of phone conversations.
  • Champion’s Ship = championship! to be yelled loudly at the end of every contest..ex. You won the Champion’s       Ship!
  • Harpoon = Heart Spoon
  • Non-E = Mommy courtesy Ian. He is usually smiling so wide his lips never come near each other when he talks.
  • Her Nan Nez = Little ones last names (Hernandez)
  • D-Vin = pet dogs name…actually Demon
  • Pew-Ter = computer

OK.  So, maybe my kids have taken a few speech lessons…It’s still adorable. I wouldn’t change the words for anything. What is in your dictionary?


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