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Wii and Jesus = Mii Jesus

pc110362The family gift this year was a Wii system. The boys had been asking for one for a long time and Wii we as a family decided to forgo a bunch of individual gifts for a Wii for us all. Today, while I was at work, minding my own business, my oldest son decided since we got a Wii on Jesus’ birthday that he should be represented as a Mii character. (I think this is the only explanation he thought he could get away with.)  Mii Jesus does look a lot like the standard Jesus depiction with the addition of some dark shades. Well, it seems all the boys want to be this character now! Gavin says no one else can box with Jesus because he wants to train him to kick some…uh huh…There was a point when Jesus was on the mat on his back and Gavin was trying to “resurrect” him.  When Jesus knocks an opponent to the mat Gavin lifts Jesus’ arms straight into the air in a Raising Lazarus Pose, and says ARISE!  Everyone has chosen to train Jesus in one specific sport…Right now he’s playing baseball on Hayden’s team but keeps striking out, Caleb has made him a pro at bowling and Ian has chosen golf. Should I be concerned? Is this sacrilegious? The little ones comments seem to be positive, like their really helping Jesus out… I don’t think that this will seep into anything to worry about, maybe… Oh good grief.. I just can’t leave them alone! oh boy, I can’t wait for Grandma to take them to church again.


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Jesus has got my back so you better watch out!

My kids sometimes attend church with my mom and when they do they usually come home having learned something useful. On one such occasion they came home with the knowledge that Jesus (i.e. God) is everywhere thus with us at all times. He is their guide and protector. The amazing part is that they will at times try to use this information against ME…If there is no story at bedtime or worse yet..If they get grounded or punished in anyway…they will pull out the God card…”I’m gonna tell God on you …then you’ll be sorry!” I’m not kidding… Jesus has now become their personal bodyguard. A threat to be reckoned with. I’ll tell ya… it’s hard to hear this without eyebrows raised.

Gavin and I were talking one evening when we got an impromptu lesson on the Omnipresence of God, Hayden ran in and said…You know…GOD is everywhere…He did a quick double take…pointed at the doorway and said…LOOK!! There he goes now!

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Zombies at Easter?

Last Easter my children accompanied my Mother to her Conservative Baptist Church. They were dressed in their Easter best and were semi on their best behavior. They went to the children’s church for story hour and were told the story of the Resurrection of Christ. For those of you not familiar with the story. Jesus died on the cross and on the third day rose from the grave to join his Father in Heaven. Well….It seems my Hayden…who has his hand perpetually raised in the air…and who makes it a habit to ask as many questions as humanly possible at any event…lifted his hand at the end of the story and asked the teacher…”So…Is Jesus a zombie now?…”  Needless to say the teachers were waiting for her at the end of the service…I can’t wait to explain communion…

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