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OK…Where Is The Button??

There must be some kind of button somewhere on my back or behind….? Every time I sit down someone needs something… How is it my sitting down trigger some needy instinct in my children??? How can this be possible… You would think that at least part of the time everyone could be satisfied…at least for a few minutes.  I came in from work at 5:30 and took of my shoes and coat and reported to my regular station.. the kitchen… For lack of inspiration and lets face it…groceries..I cut up the rest of the turkey leftovers started boiling the egg noodles and made a casserole… and… I thought it was really good..but…alas…the onions were not invisible…aaack!!! Of course no one was hungry when I was done after an hour of chopping and stirring.. until that is that I put everything away..did the dishes and sat down… Then Ian decided  that he was willing to try it… I made a bowl and added a biscuit…and it sat..and sat…on the couch…next to me… Then Hayden wanted to try but…God forbid he eat the one that Ian put a spoon in but didn’t eat!!! I heated up another bowl…and..back to the onion argument…Can he have leftover ham??? Hot…not cold…ooookkkk….So..back to the kitchen…fast forward a few minutes when I am going around the living room picking up dishes and silverware when Caleb decides that he wants a sandwich…which isn’t that unusual…as Caleb ALWAYS wants a sandwich…This has taken us to bath time…one at a time of course…after cleaning the kids then the bathroom…I am so exhausted….I just want to sit and read for a few minutes…  After two pages of ignoring the wresting matches…what do I hear…yep…Moooommmmm!!!! How early can I put them in bed on a non school night???

They say that there is a special place in Heaven for a mother of boys…I know where it will be…the Cafeteria!!!


November 30, 2008 - Posted by | General Mayhem | ,


  1. LOL!!!

    You are SO right!! I have the same phenoman going on in my house- everything is rolling along somewhat smoothly until I try to sit down or do something for myself than suddenly everyone (dh included) needs me to do something for them…maybe we’re living in the twighlight zone…

    Comment by Becky | December 1, 2008

  2. i want you and becky to be my mother.

    my mother told us simply “if you don’t eat this now, you’re not eating.”

    my sister, brother and i all learned how to cook for ourselves PDQ, understanding that any mess left would result in lost kitchen privileges.

    it was fun waiting till my parents went out and then making my grandmother’s chocolate icing and eating it straight out of the pot, sans cake, with my brother.

    Comment by fromlaurelstreet | December 2, 2008

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