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My Greatest Birthday Present? Friends!

cupcakeMy family didn’t really do much for birthdays when I was growing up. They were acknowledged and all but it was very low key. A few gifts at the dinner table, people would sing, and my sister would usually bake a cake. (Except for Sweet 16! My parents and the parents of my best friend rented out the Tinley Park Roller Rink for a shared private party!) To this day I don’t really know how to respond properly when people wish me happy birthday. I generally just forget about the day altogether. I get a card in the mail from my mom and sister.  My brothers… ha! no way would they remember…but I know they love me! I tell the babies all I want is one day with no fighting… (yeah right) whatever…

Well, this year, my perfect friend Pam (OMG she REALLY IS perfect!) invited me and the boys over to her house to hang out and swim for a few hours before I went to work the later shift at the library. I came ready to hang out by the pool, hair in a pony, get the picture. We get there and she’s made a million cupcakes with sprinkles, has gifts on the table, (one from our friend Lori  too) tells me her daughter is babysitting (THANKS JACKIE!) and that she is taking me to lunch at TGI Fridays. OK….cool. We get there and are looking at the menu when another friend pops up! (eyebrow raised) Turns out, she called around and asked whoever was free to drop everything and come to lunch. WHO does that? This is only ONE of the reasons she’s perfect trust me. She asked when was the last time I went out for my birthday and guess what? It was when SHE took me to a Jimmy Buffet concert. This was not a big number birthday, it was just a regular old one.. But, it was amazing. I may not have much but I have wonderful friends! There were many wishes on FB and another friend took me to dinner that weekend while my son volunteered to babysit. I am truly blessed..and shamed. I feel good when I just remember to SAY Happy Birthday to someone. I have to do nice things for people on their birthdays now…It feels great! Who’s Birthday is next?


June 24, 2009 - Posted by | Friends, Partys


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a great day. I must have missed it somehow! Anyway – happy belated birthday! See you soon!

    Comment by Wendy | June 25, 2009

  2. Awe, Pam is great!

    Comment by Lori | June 27, 2009

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