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How Late?

images1With the exception of Caleb, my kids are notoriously late sleepers in the mornings no matter what time they go to bed. Unfortunately, they get this from me.  If I don’t stand over them and watch them get out of bed they will tumble right back to sleep. I do wake them up early enough so that they can get into their routine slowly or the attitudes…of ALL of us, skyrocket into surly. As a rule, they get up, drag themselves to the living room and turn on the Television.  Someone, generally me, will grab all the outfits and they’ll get dressed in there while I grab something for their breakfast, make coffee, etc.

Today, We woke up late…Not too late for school but late enough to get me running around, clapping my hands, (yes, how embarrassing that I’m admitting that?) raising my voice and switching off the TV. Ian, my sleepiest baby, said “Momma, how late are we?” I said “Late, Late” he looked at me then his brothers, pulled up his feet on the couch and said…”Turn the TB back on K-Wub. We’re only 2 lates.”

How many lates do we have to be for them to take me  seriously around here?


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  1. i will pay money…please tell me how to get my boys to sleep past 6am.

    Comment by Consuella Banana Hammock | February 19, 2009

  2. 6 AM Ouch! If I left them to their own devices, who knows how late they would wake up. Even going to bed early. Is this a good time to mention that Caleb (7) will still, sometimes, take afternoon naps?

    Comment by paulascott60482 | February 19, 2009

  3. As a rule, I never get up before the kids. I listen for the early morning rustlings(usually around 7) and then I stagger out and do the Mum thing. Recently however, my boys have perfected the “silent” get up, leaving me to sleep in (bless them). Now, I grace the school drop off be-draggled and un-washed! Am going to have to tie a bell around somebody……..soon..ish!

    Comment by Darling Nikki | February 19, 2009

  4. That’s kind of a funny picture–clapping your hands saying “Late, Late.” It reminds me of my dad when he would try to get us moving. He would clap his hands and say “Chop, Chop”.

    Comment by mamaneeds2rant | February 19, 2009

  5. You guys are making me crack up with the stories! Darling Nikki, I now picture you on the corner in a robe and fuzzy slippers clutching a cup of coffee and a bag lunch. I must confess that I have driven my kids to school in my pajama bottoms (pink monkeys and hearts) and a tee shirt, and mammaneds2rant…What was with our parents saying Chop, Chop? My mom said that too! In what culture is that normal? I’m so blaming my clapping on my mother! lol

    Comment by recipe for chaos | February 19, 2009

  6. LOL – we have the opposite problem. No matter how late they stay up they get up between 6am-7am 7 days a week. I’m NOT a morning person and currently unemployed so this doesn’t work for me. Especially once they start arguing loudly about important things, such as, what to name their newest Mii creation. I have done the slippers & messy hair morning drop off thing a LOT.

    Comment by So Much More Than A Mom | February 20, 2009

  7. LOL – we’re only 2 lates! I don’t know what you have to do to get your kids to take you seriously – if you figure it out, I’d like to know too so I’m not the only crazy person running around here in the morning saying “it’s late” every 30 seconds!

    Comment by Becky | February 23, 2009

  8. That is too funny! Wish you could teach my kids to sleep in too.

    Comment by Amy | February 26, 2009

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