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Face Book and Biblio Crush Commercial

facebook_blogStudies show that happy parents make better parents… Happy parents find a way to keep friends.  I don’t know about you but once I’m in the door and in mommy mode… I forget that I’m a whole other person that has friends and a semi life.

Do you need a quick virtual escape? Do the kids fight and make a lot of noise while your trying to talk on the phone? Don’t have a babysitter to get out with your friends? Find E-Mail to long and stressful? Well, try Face Book. I love Face Book. I really didn’t think that I would. I had to sign up when I went back to college  so we could contact other classmates re: assignments. I found that there were people there I already knew and plenty more I was going to make join. I am now in contact with classmates from High School and college that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. We now get together once a month or so to hang out. It’s like we never left each other sometimes.  Even if you don’t have time to actually communicate on line you can see what you’re friends are doing from their status updates and see the pics of their families they’ve posted. I’ve even connected with far flung family members. I’ve also met some pretty amazing people on line.                              My blog is available on FB as well as a terrific book site called Biblio Crush (a book discussion site) that I have the pleasure of being a Co-Admin of.  If you haven’t joined or are on the fence. Try it out. It may change your life. You never know when virtual chats could turn into face to face ones.

The link to join FB                                                      

The link to my blog see lower right of this screen or

Biblio Crush                                                                        

I’ll be waiting for you!


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  1. I’ve had the same experience with FB. I’ve connected with people I haven’t seen since I was a kid plus new folks I wouldn’t have met otherwise. You know. 🙂

    Comment by So Much More Than A Mom | January 26, 2009

  2. Listen to the wise woman. She persuaded me to join. And my kids are dealing with it.

    Comment by mamaneeds2rant | January 26, 2009

  3. Hi I too love facebook, worried at first that it was for the young ones!! but I then found my sister who is 6 years older than me on there. I love having my blogs on blog network. Visited yor blog a few times and like it.
    Regards Hazel.

    Comment by Hazel Crowther | January 27, 2009

  4. I love my new FB friends! Thanks guys! XOXO

    Comment by Paula | January 30, 2009

  5. Forget housework! Facebook is the new black!

    Comment by Darling Nikki | February 12, 2009

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