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Gingerbread Bird House Craft

gingerbread-houseI went to the Dollar Tree (everything sells for $1) yesterday for simple things..soap…gloves in bulk… etc..and happened to walk down the craft aisle. I saw these little birdhouses and thought they would make a great Gingerbread House craft for the kids to try. I did crafts all the time with Gavin and it’s practice has fallen to the wayside with the little ones. So…The dollar store…a great craft and really cheap right?? I bought 4 different birdhouses and a few bags (6) of assorted candy. Hmm..not enough…I went to Michael’s Crafts and picked up tacky glue, 1 large jar of brown paint and sponge brushes..OK…the price is going up but…still inexpensive right??? After dinner, which included Shannon and baby Krystal, we set up the dinning room table for all things craft worthy.. I separated the candies in little bowls..everyone had their own workspace… I’m set right??? WRONG… The painting went well, the waiting for the drying with a table fan…went OK…The waiting for the glue to dry…not so much…the candy was sliding down the walls like a Florida mudslide…we ended up doing one wall last night and leaving it on its side to dry. We will continue the process one wall at a time until a) they get sick of it..b) the candy is gone or c) Ikrystal-ging2 cant stand not seeing the dining room table anymore and declare them beautiful enough to be DONE. The construction on these houses could have used a better contractor than I it seems. It was a lot of fun between the impatient outbursts…  Krystal didn’t try to eat too much paint…she only got a bit on her face…Ian..on the other hand..was still finding bits of paint on  his hands while getting dressed this morning. The COST…including the ruined white tee I was wearing (why…I couldn’t tell ya) and the bits of paint splatter on the rug… unknown…The REWARD….good memories are priceless right??

PS..forgot the soap..the reason for going to the store in the first place


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  1. What a cute idea!! do you have any photos of the finished product?


    Comment by heather | December 7, 2008

  2. why do crafts generally sound like such a good idea and end up going not at all as we expected…? hmmm?

    Comment by Becky | December 8, 2008

  3. This is SUCH a cute idea!

    Comment by Katie | December 17, 2008

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