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Parent Teacher Cage Match or No Child Left Behind Means No Teacher Left Standing

This past Monday, I had an “opportunity” to meet with my children’s teachers for their regularly scheduled Parent Teacher Conference…I think a day spent in court would have filled me with less trepidation.  I knew it was going to be bad for Ian and Caleb when I received a written reminder (signed and returned) a phone call from each teacher, a phone call from the office staff, and if I’m not mistaken…a call from the school Social Services Coordinator…all making sure that I would be there at the appointed hour..and when I say hour…I mean that each conference normally scheduled for 15 min increments was extended for me and scheduled from 1 to 3:15. We decided that an IEP meeting was best pushed up in the calendar. Their main goal…to let me know what course of action was in the best intrest of student vs. teacher…I know it’s suposed to be Student and Teacher…but…if you know my kids…the reason for the conference is because of the VS.part… My main goal…Not to let them see me cry. Hayden’s Conference went well, no suprises…Showing improvement…a good start to my walk on the “Green Mile”… I should have seen the pendulem swing… All of the warning bells could not have prepared me for the gauntlet I faced…We were all seated at a child sized kidney table (so cute btw) We being…together, in tandem, and running in and out to other conferences were, The Special Ed Teacher, the 1st grade teacher, her Student Assistant, the Principal, the Social Services Coordinator, the PE teacher….YES! the PE teacher…I know!!!! …and the Speech and Language teacher…The Music teacher…though not present did leave comments…yikes! If I’m leaving someone out I’m sorry…I think at this point I was seeing dark spots and had to put my head between my knees all the time repeating the mantra…Don’t cry…Don’t cry….(mentally anyway)  The teachers (all wonderful) tried to put me at ease, they took the time to explain the behaviors of my babies…YIKES!!! My children are…it seems….ahem….strong willed…. The end result…is not so much a surprise…Caleb is doing well in studies but needs to keep his hands to himself and stop whining (crying)…and Ian…my little Prince (Art Of War-Machiavelli that is) will be in Special Ed all day instead of just half for his LD needs until re-eval next semester. I made it through another conference…whew…the scars are few…the pain is abating….not one tear was shed…(in public) and best of all…not another conference for a few months….(fingers crossed)


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  1. You have to get published Paula! You have to be the voice that everyone who has ever gone through a Parent teacher conference like that can relate too!! Hope the tears weren’t too many in private…

    Comment by Becky | November 20, 2008

  2. To Whom It May concern

    exceptionally bright, so why no grades. There placements shut him down, he is very selective of his friends and we like them. He is not an angel and will do dumb things as he’s growing like a teenager, but he isn’t a criminal.

    When he was ready to enter High School the team said they have fears he might do something to make their program look bad. It was their primary concern, not Paul’s progress. When an incident happened which was not that severe and he was not expelled from the school but suspended for 5 days, they said it would be better if he went to another school where it would work better for him. We as niavee people felt they knew best and agreed. We wondered why they actually clapped their hands. This was the beginning of hell.

    Paul did not react to the school and refused to do the work which he said was way beneath him and the kids were not the kind he cared to be with and stopped attending. The kids put in that school were being punished for criminal behavior or actual acts against someone. When we told the IEP team how he felt they said he had to it and that was it, they refused to send him back to his regular school. After two months of this finally they got the picture he wasn’t attending school and so they had a new school picked out, after one day Paul said it’s all probation kids same as the last one and he wasn’t going and he didn’t care to associate with those kids. One day I actually must have dropped him off during a search of the kids by the police.

    Comment by Joyce vietto | January 31, 2009

  3. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing so much trouble. I’ve gone through quite a few meetings since this posting but my son is too young to have gone through what you are going through. I wish you all the best. I know how we feel for our kids and when they hurt we hurt. I wish that you can find somewhere where your son can make a fresh start.
    My childrens school still seems to be helping anyway they can. I’m very lucky to have this team working with me.

    Comment by paulascott60482 | January 31, 2009

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