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Things Overheard (that made the eyebrow raise)

Today is Veteran’s Day and we all had the day off from both work and school.  It was cold and rainy…Too much together time…

“Did you see her? She had her septum, gums, tongue, and lips pierced. She’s got black hair and professor glasses…I think I’m in Love”

While grocery shopping…”I have to get a job…I can NOT keep being seen hanging out with my mom!”

While changing my grandaughters diaper…” OH MY GOSH!! Where is her pee pee???” I explained matter of factly that girls don’t have pee-pee’s… “That is so gross!!!”  “She’s gonna grow one when she gets bigger, right?”

” I bought socket covers for your house but forgot to bring them” What?…. “Well, just don’t let her play with the electric sockets…OK?”

While trying to get multiple viruses off of the computer….Quizing everyone about buttons they may have pushed while on various game sites….”Don’t tell her!” “Please, don’t tell her!”

While playing a little kids game called “Guess Where”…”Is the dog in the bathroom?..No…Is the dog in the bathroom…NO….Is the dog in the bathroom…NO!…. There is NOBODY in the bathroom…Is the dog in the bathroom?….NOOOOO!!!!!!  THERE IS NO DOG IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!! MOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!”

“I’ll give the first kid that can lick their own elbow a dollar”…a few minutes later…”just keep bending my elbow up…break it if you have too.”


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  1. lol! Sounds like one very L O N G day! Love the socket covers given your last blog about parenting 101!

    Comment by Becky | November 13, 2008

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