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Darwin’s Theory of Nanny-ing

The boys have been VERY…um…trying…? No…um…difficult… ? No…um….AWFUL!..Yes, that’s the word I’m looking for… lately, both at home and especially at school…I’m beginning to fear the ring of the phone..and now its not just from the bill collectors…It seems the principal and I are on a first name basis….I think he has a “red” phone set up in his office with a direct link to my living room.  Gavin just informed me that he volunteered for guard duty tonight…IE babysitting.. My immediate reaction and reply…LOCK AND LOAD GAVIN!…LOCK AND LOAD…set phasers to stun… Gavin then said…”Tell my wife I love her…I’m goin’ in!”… before he pretended to gear up for an epic zombie assault. I’ll be home by 10…with the Hazmat Team or maybe SWAT if there is a hostage situation…

Darwin’s Theory of Nanny-ing = Only The Strongest Will Survive

UPDATE 11/06/08     Number of calls home from various Teachers and Principal…..4


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  1. I sure hope the phone calls have slowed down by now!

    Comment by Becky | November 8, 2008

  2. Actually there were 5 that day…The little ones teacher left a message while I was running errands before I picked them up and didn’t hear it until I got home late that night from work….

    Comment by paulascott60482 | November 13, 2008

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