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Zombies at Easter?

Last Easter my children accompanied my Mother to her Conservative Baptist Church. They were dressed in their Easter best and were semi on their best behavior. They went to the children’s church for story hour and were told the story of the Resurrection of Christ. For those of you not familiar with the story. Jesus died on the cross and on the third day rose from the grave to join his Father in Heaven. Well….It seems my Hayden…who has his hand perpetually raised in the air…and who makes it a habit to ask as many questions as humanly possible at any event…lifted his hand at the end of the story and asked the teacher…”So…Is Jesus a zombie now?…”  Needless to say the teachers were waiting for her at the end of the service…I can’t wait to explain communion…


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  1. Well, if you think about it – that does make a lot of sense!!! too funny!

    Comment by Becky | October 22, 2008

  2. That is hilarious BECAUSE it is so logical! 🙂

    Comment by somuchmorethanamom | December 13, 2008

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