Recipe For Chaos

Real Stories From The Chaotic Front


We have on occasion veered from the family favorites to introduce new foods. I love casseroles as you’re able to mix everything in one dish and it’s good to go. One night a few years past…I tried a new recipe for tuna noodle casserole. It was the standard fare..Noodles, Tuna and Peas..etc…My son Hayden, Normally not adventurous when trying new dishes, dove right in. At first he was shoveling as fast as his spoon would allow…He slowed to a bite now and then and ending with his head on the table and pushing the food around on his plate…I asked..Don’t you like it honey?…His response…He picked up a pea and said…”What the hell kind a skittles is these!”  My oldest son laughed so hard he fell off his chair. I had to turn my back..trying not to laugh at the swear (not allowed) or the look on his face…OMG…Sometimes I soooo love my kids.


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