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Legos…Toy or Menace???


I have a love/hate relationship with Legos! Any activity that can keep boys busy for hours on end without too much adult supervision/interaction is a good thing. It allows me a few uninterrupted minutes to actually do things that I would like to do…Notice I didn’t say HAVE to do…Lego time provides a few scattered minutes to read my e-mail, play on face book etc… without someone asking to sit in my lap or to pour something.

We have had Legos in one form or another since the birth of Gavin, my 19 year old. We have graduated from the large 8 in building blocks to the 3 inch Mega blocks to now true Lego’s. These toys seem to multiply like wire hangers and no matter how many times you try to limit their play to their room…like play-dough they somehow end up all over the living room carpet….hiding in the low pile shag like a jagged stone ready to maim any unsuspecting adult….Have you never noticed that children never step on Lego’s?…or…Do they ? Do they just keep quiet because they know they would get no sympathy for the self created mine fields? One reason they seem to leave the confines of their room is because each square block or tower or robot or chair or…(you get the picture)..Is touted out for the world to see and share in the creators genius. Of course said treasures must be put on display on the coffee table, desk, television ect for the upcoming weeks until they are broken or sneaked back into their room on a “special shelf”…I came home from work last night to find 2 cardboard boxes stacked vertically filled to bursting with said creations perched on the edge of the dining room table. Ian wanted me to see it as soon as I got home…How it survived while I was gone is a miracle..I asked his grandma (babysitting) why she didn’t scoot it back to make it safer…She said if she touched it it would come crashing down and she wasn’t going to be responsible if he woke up and found it damaged. I cleared the surrounding area and pushed the mass toward the wall with enough care to qualify me for the bomb squad. Crisis temporarily averted. I was so impressed that I wanted to go and kiss his sleeping head because it was so sweet…I slipped into his room and YEP…stepped on a Lego…I hope my swearing didn’t wake him up….


October 14, 2008 - Posted by | Toy's and Games |

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  1. FUNNY!

    Comment by Lucy Neu | October 15, 2008

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