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When Bringing Your Kids IS The Surprise At An Anniversary Party

Congratulations to my Sister Lucy and her husband Andy who will be married for 25 years this week! We were invited the night before to a party that was intended to be a small gathering of adults (and one adorable baby). Though grateful for the invite I was wavering…more like cowering in fear wondering if my children would behave. Knowing that the gathering would be held outdoors on a beautiful day I armed myself with all things entertaining…crayons, scooter, balls, badminton rackets, and more…(all of which some how turned into weapons at one time or another) Things progressed fairly smoothly as I pretty much stuck to the if they’re not bleeding they should be sent to the opposite side of the house to play with the neighbor boy mind set..Though we did have a few siren screams…(see weapons list above) and the use of bandies (i.e. band-aids just too cute of a word to correct him…) and the occasional I only want to eat M & M’s for dinner…Things went very well. I was actually able to visit with distant relatives who were able attend. Sitting at the dinning room table surrounded by said relatives and beautifully displayed wedding vignettes my youngest son Ian approached my sister with THE dreaded question.  Aunt Cindy…Can I spend the night? Giving my sister my most evil grin…I looked over his shoulder into her eyes and said..sure honey…of course you can.  My sister quick on her feet said..Ian, you can’t stay tonight, you don’t have your pajamas..Immediately..without missing a beat he replied. Yes I do! See!..and he promptly pulled down his pants and showed everyone his boxers. He then said…I’m gonna go take a shower. Averting the crisis, She promised a special night in the future all his own and let him take 1DVD home from the 4 or 5 he was trying to escape with from their library. A good time was had by all. I wonder if they found all the balls in their bushes yet???


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  1. You should be a writer. That was really cute! How about Friday Night Ian. Bring your boxers!~

    Comment by Lucy Neu | October 13, 2008

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